Tall billowing sails - brilliant blue seas - sun-drenched teak decks. And you, aboard a graceful sailing ship that's large enough to pamper and entertain you, yet small enough to tuck into tiny harbors and hidden coves where no one else can go. This feels like life on your own private yacht.

Experience a take-your-breath-away moment as your ship unfurls her sails to a swell of music, great expectations, and gentle winds. The breeze gently fills the sails, carrying you across shimmering blue sea, and your spirit soars.

Windstar's small sailing yachts will take you where others can't. Often, it's because others can't reach these charming ports and secret coves. And sometimes it's because these are places known only to yachtsmen - and now, to you.

Cruise Ships for Windstar Cruises

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